SERWA Mezzanine Lift in the Midlands

This warehouse mezzanine lift is very cost efficient and practical. It can be delivered within 4 weeks and installed within 1 week.

Designed by Lödige to complete the goods lift range, the SERWA is a safer way to move goods to and from the mezzanine level. No pit or machine room is required and it comes with a free standing structure and cladding. The lifting height can range from 2,146 mm up to 4,096 mm with a usable platform size of 1100 mm x 1600 mm. This 2 stop mezzanine lift is easy to use with call and send controls and can perform 20-30 cycles per hour.

Like all other Lödige products, this mezz goods lift is manufactured in house by Lödige employees and installed by highly qualified engineers.

Lödige UK have been in the industry for 30 years and have installed over 1300 lifts nationwide covering various industries.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager at Lödige UK commented: “I am excited about the growth of the SERWA. It is a great product that has added a new layer to our product portfolio. As a company we are very versatile and we welcome growth.”

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