Serwa Mezzanine Lift

The 2 stop goods only lift is simple to use and extremely fast to install. No lift shaft or pit are required which saves the contractors time and money.

Some of the features and benefits of the product are;

  • Low maintenance perforated sheet metal casing keeps costs low and requires no paintwork.
  • Electric chain drive engine is heavy duty and performs up to 20-30 cycles per hour.
  • Free-standing, full steel lifting column requires no wall connection and can be easily integrated into existing rack systems.
  • No shaft or pit required.
  • No machine room
  • Platform size of 1100 x 1600 provides space for standard pallet plus lift truck and keeps the external shaft footprint as small as possible.
  • Door and platform (Pawl) locking system with mechanically and electrically interlocked gates prevents inadvertent opening.
  • Non-perforated, galvanised, long lasting steel platform railing secures objects from falling down into the shaft.
  • Electrically interlocked platform can safely be entered for loading and unloading. The signal colour ensures high visibility.


The Serwa is manufactured in house by the Lödige team and installed by highly qualified and experienced engineers.

For further details and information on price, call the office on 01784-221-140 

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