Stock shortages drive an enhanced need for reliable commercial maintenance

Retailers and haulage companies have warned that they could struggle to meet demand, and manage to fill shelves after months of supply delays sent stock levels plummeting this summer to record lows in July for a second consecutive month.

As a result of this, many businesses are working hard to ensure that there are minimal breakdowns of any kind to slow down deliveries and supplies any further.

Commercial lifts are just one aspect of this for logistics, haulage, and delivery companies. This includes goods only and goods lifts, and heavy goods lifts - often used alongside other machinery such as forklift trucks. Commercial lift breakdown can mean areas of a whole business can grind to a halt, making a critical situation even worse.

Reliable commercial lift servicing

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your business has minimal downtime, by ensuring your goods lifts are in the best possible shape and spotting issues before they arise.

Regular servicing contracts means that this happens as standard, and your business is better protected from delays.

Modernisation and refurbishment

If your commercial lifts have seen better days, then refurbishing your existing lifts to ensure they’re in good condition is a great idea, or look at modernising your system completely. If you’re considering new commercial or goods lifts, then finding an experienced company that can carry out the work quickly with the minimum disruption to your business will be key to ensure a successful handover.

Acting now, before issues arise

If you’re concerned your equipment isn’t as reliable as you’d like, get in touch with Lödige to discuss your options. Whether it’s a regular service or a complete overhaul, we have a wide network of servicing professionals, commercial partners and decades of experience.

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