Television Centre Lift Replacement in Cardiff


The end user for this project is a National television broadcasting station that needs to operate 24/7. The customers previous lift that they wanted to remove was a caged goods lift. Due to the delicate nature of the props and cameras that are being moved between the floors, they wanted to use a more robust solution. The Sherpa goods only lift is an excellent solution for a project like this as it is easy to install within an existing lift shaft and is a high quality and reliable product. The lift is reliable, easy to use and durable. Lödige carried out a full survey of the existing lift and shaft and were able to create the new lift with a larger cabin size. This means the customer is now able to move more items at one time. The Lödige project team removed and disposed of the previous lift whilst the new Sherpa was in manufacture to ensure the project could move as quickly as possible.Due to site restrictions, the rip out and installation were carried out through the night, this was so no noise made interuptions during the day. 

Like all Lödige products, the Sherpa is designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany using high quality and open protocol parts. There are various types of goods lifts available which can all be tailored to suit the customers specific requirements. Whether you need a small mezzanine goods lift, a free standing goods lift with an attendant or a traditional hydraulic goods passenger lift there is a product to suit every project and its individual requirements.

For more information on the products available from Lödige or for help with an upcoming project, contact the UK office. Assistance can be given with specifications, design, drawings, compliance and surveys.

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