The best way for a business to move goods vertically

At Lödige we’ve found that customers are often undecided on the most economic and efficient yet safe and secure method of moving goods between floors. It’s an issue for a variety of businesses including logistics, commercial retail, air travel, manufacturing, catering, and any other business with vertical storage needs.

Goods lifts

A goods lift is a great option for the majority of businesses, and they come in a range of formats such as pallet lifts, factory lifts, mezzanine lifts, and warehouse lifts, or you can create bespoke goods lifts for those with more specific needs.

Heavy goods lifts

Heavy goods lifts are also a flexible option for businesses that might potentially be working with more weighty goods. At Lödige, over the past 70 years, we’ve built and/or installed heavy goods lifts with a load capacity of up to 40 tons, so weight really needn’t be an additional concern and different modular designs mean that a number of different configurations can be implemented.

For vehicles, parking and lorries

Vehicles might appear to be the easiest type of good to move, but despite actually being on wheels this isn’t the case. A lot of the time cars and lorries need to be moved vertically where the space for gentle slopes suitable for driving just isn’t available.

By taking away the need for slopes to drive on with a vehicle lift, you can save 25% more space, making them ideal for residential buildings, car showrooms, and car manufacturing facilities. Lifting tables with up to 100 t capacity are available for lorries, and to date, Lödige has provided over 11,000 units for this purpose.

More about lifting goods vertically

For more information about the best way for your business to move goods vertically, whatever your needs are we’re confident that at Lödige we have the best possible solution for you. Get in touch with the team.

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