The Future of Parking

An automated car park or puzzle system has the ability to park up to 60% more cars than a standard car park. By removing the need for human access and utilising all available space, so many more cars can be parked. Lödige can assist with designing the most efficient solution for your project whether it is residential or for multi-use public access. The largest automated car park in Europe was designed, manufactured and installed by Lödige which has now parked more than one million cars.

One of the many major benefits of a fully automated system is the added security. As the cars are parked automatically there is no risk of human error which dramatically reduces the risk of damage to vehicles from bumps or scratches. The driver leaves their vehicle in a brightly lit and secure booth adding a level of personal security to the driver by removing the need to walk around a dark car par alone.

Car lifts are innovative and add an element of luxury to any building. Extremely popular in London in particular, a car lift allows around 35% more cars to be parked in a basement. By removing the need for a ramp there is a lot more room for cars. The Lödige car lift range is fully bespoke and can serve up to 24 meters over 8 stops. There are options for sites with headroom or pit restrictions and even car lifts that don’t require a motor room.

With more than 70 year’s of experience, Lödige is well placed to deal with complicated projects. All products are designed and manufactured in house by experienced and highly qualified members of staff. More than 50,000 projects have been completed across the world so there is many reference sites available to view of various products.

For help with budget costs, specifications, drawings or design – get in touch with the UK office.

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