The New Lödige Serwa Lift is Now Being Installed Countrywide

The Serwa has now been installed into many locations through-out the UK from London to Launceston and Coventry to Cornwall and the order book is still filling up for more installs. We stock the lift in the UK to ensure we have quick turnarounds on projects where a small mezzanine is to be installed very quickly for existing facilities, projects so far has been delivered in as little as 2 weeks & installed within 3 days.

Aside from the quick deliveries, our clients have been impressed with the value for money and efficiency from a lift which has been newly incorporated into the Lödige goods lift range. As with all other Lödige Industries products, this lift is designed by highly qualified employees and installed by experienced engineers. Lödige UK have a team of installation and maintenance engineers based across the United Kingdom that carry out

With a maximum lifting height of 4.2m and a capacity of under 1000kg, we are confident that this goods lift will provide a solution to the more troublesome goods moving needs. This product was developed so we could ensure we were able to offer goods movement with a quick delivery and install time. There is no need for a lift shaft or pit and a motor room is not required.                                                                                                                                                

If you require any help or support on this product or want to view one of the ones recently installed, please contact Dave Welford directly on 07718-741471 or contact the UK office and we will certainly find a location best suited to what you are looking for.


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