The Revolution is Coming

The UK government has promised to have autonomous cars on the roads by 2021. And it is estimated the UK market for connected and automated vehicles will be worth £52bn by 2035. An increase in robotic cars comes an increase in robotic garages to house these vehicles because who wants to be parking one of these if a system can do it for you?!

Lödige are ready for this technological revolution; many client’s previous concerns with efficiency, integration into the building and reliability have been quashed. The highly skilled engineers collaboratively use a trial and error process with the intention of continuously innovating the systems. This has led to a noticeable acceleration in the overall quality and operation of all Lödige parkin systems in the past 5 years.

The available systems are becoming more and more efficient year on year. A distinct reduction in average parking (1:51mins) and retrieval (2:01mins) times, has resulted in a distinct increase in interest from developers/architects integrating an automated parking provision into their existing schemes.

These systems are also massively flexible as the design has been refined to make it a much simpler installation process. Lödige Industries’ 5by2 technology can operate across several levels, with hoist access. This presents the opportunity for block vehicle storage within one of the most space restricted inner city areas in the world. It’s perfect for basement parking, in new or refurbished buildings, especially where ramps are out of the question or too space consuming. Carriers can be fitted directly to concrete floors, steel frames or a combination of both, which has made these systems very viable to many real estate developers in cities such as London, New York, Toronto and Amsterdam.

They are also incredibly reliable now more than ever. A great example is this particular puzzle parking system in central Amsterdam. This was initially installed in 1992 and continues to work well nearly 27 years after installation. Not only is the Lödige 5by2 technology one of the most space saving on the market, it is also proven to deliver continuous performance for years and decades after. Lödige are very proud to be able to offer a solution like this to clients in London.

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