Throwback Thursday…

One of the more memorable goods lifts projects completed within the last few years, was for Pink Hippo Self Storage in Reading. This unique project found Lӧdige UK matching the colour of the lift to the customers handbag. The bright pink colour of the lift doors installed by Lӧdige matches the rest of the colour theme perfectly. Colour themes are becoming more prominent within the industry, the number of storage units in the UK are increasing every year. A colour theme is a way memorable way to stand out from the crowd.  

The lift used for this Self Storage unit was an ESCORTA goods lift with attendant. Part of the extensive Lӧdige goods lift range, this product is versatile and user friendly. As the lift comes with its own free-standing, cladded shaft there is no requirement for a brick shaft to be built. There is also no need for a motor room or lift pit, a small recess or ramp can be used instead.

Self-storage units are still open and have been deemed essential due to the important service they provide for many businesses such as online retailers, teachers and people in trades and construction.

As an approved supplier of the Self-Storage Association (SSA) Lӧdige are often on hand to give advice on goods lift possibilities. Multiple projects have completed across the nation providing self-storage units with reliable and robust goods lifts. The safest way to move goods between floors is a goods lift, safer for users and safer for goods.

For more information on goods lifts and how they can benefit your daily processes, get in contact with the UK sales team. All office workers are fully functional and working remotely from home.

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