Twin Goods Lifts Installed for Book Warehouse

These 2 stop classic goods only lifts can move 1500kg each and travel at a speed of 0.2 metres p/s. The fact that no lift shaft is required meant the client was able to select the placement of these lifts with more flexibility.

With the current high street decline in the UK, warehouse units are becoming more popular than ever as consumers are now opting to shop online. The increased demand for warehouse space means a solution is needed to move and store goods more efficiently.

Lödige offer a wide range of goods lifts to move loads of up to 50,000kg. The standard goods lift range that requires no shaft can move loads of up to 3,000kg with or without a passenger. Warehouse lifts, factory lifts and mezzanine lifts are increasingly popular, they are extremely easy to use and user friendly. 

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