University Library Goods Lift

The end client, based in Berkshire was struggling with hauling books between floors for library and class use. The lift has a 14 meter travel and distributes books over 6 floors. Due to the age of the building the customer was not able to build a lift pit of shaft so the Lödige Sherpa was the ideal solution.

The Sherpa goods only lift by Lödige is a free standing lift that doesn’t require a pit, motor room or shaft so is great for projects with restrictions. The product comes with a fully clad self-enclosed shaft and can be tailored to suit site specifics. Being a bespoke lift, the cabin sizes, load, travel, finishes and even colour can be tailor made.

For projects that require people to be moved along with goods there is the Escorta goods with attendant lift.  Both of these lifts can be installed into new or existing buildings with ease. There is a team of UK based engineers across the country that carry out the installation and maintenance for all Lödige products. Lödige UK have been established for 30 years and around 1300 lifts have been installed so far. All products are manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. The factory has been open since 1965 and have produced thousands of high quality long lasting products.

Lödige can assist with budget costs, specifications, drawings, design and compliance. There is a range of goods lifts on offer to suit various sectors, whether you need a goods only lift, mezzanine lift, storage lift, warehouse lift, factory lift or a goods lift with attendant.

Visit our online configurator to design your goods lift and get a sample drawing. For further information get in touch with the UK office.


Client question: Is it possible to design a lift that will fit in an old building? I won't be able to do a lift pit.

Lödige answer: Yes! The Sherpa and Escorta goods lifts are ideal for existing buildings, a ramp or small recess can be used to avoid making a lift pit. These lifts are bespoke so we can tailor the sizes, load and travel to suit your building. 

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