Warehouse safety tips for using goods lifts safely in the UK

With a commercial lift, there is less need for carrying items up steps or using other manual methods, reducing the risk of damage to items and workplace injuries or accidents. 

But while commercial lifts offer undeniable convenience for businesses, their safe operation relies on the implementation of essential safety protocols. These will not only help you use the lift in the correct manner, but also ensure safety for the wider warehouse. 

With this in mind, let’s delve into a range of warehouse safety tips for commercial lifts that will help ensure a secure and efficient workplace environment.


Tip 1: Ensure sufficient training is provided

First on our list of warehouse safety tips is ensuring adequate training is given to operators working with goods lifts. 

Commercial lifts are easier to operate than ever, with easy-to-manage controls and ergonomic design. However, anyone new to operating the goods lift should always receive training on how to operate all of its functions.

This should be a matter of course for absolutely everyone, whether they say they have experience or not. More established team members may be reluctant to admit a need for training, whilst younger employees might be concerned about job security if they show less experience.

By training people as standard, you avoid any human error through complacency. You also make sure that high safety regulations are established across the warehouse, with operators able to recall and rely on their training should any incident occur.


Tip 2: Implement safe loading procedures

In 2021/22, 123 workers died due to fatal injuries at their workplace in the UK. Ensure that your commercial lift is used safely to prevent a potential fatality in your business.

When you load the lift, make sure you do so in a way that minimises the chances of the load coming loose and/or falling over. All loads should be set as far back as possible on the lift. 

Do not leave large, unsecured stacks of items that could tumble onto whoever opens the lift at the other end.

Be sure to know the maximum amount of weight that the lift can carry, and never exceed the weight limit. This can upset the balance of the commercial lift, and potentially tip the load or even the whole lift. Use straps if you have them available to secure the load.


Tip 3: Conduct safety inspections regularly

Next on our list of warehouse safety tips is the importance of regular safety inspections. 

At the start of every shift, it’s worth giving each lift a thorough inspection before starting it up for obvious damage or faults.

Older models are subject to decline. So, if you notice any sign of excessive wear, resist the temptation to continue using the lift without confirmation of its safety.


Tip 4: Monitor lifts with regular maintenance

When operating commercial lifts, It’s important not to wait for problems to arise. A commercial lift engineer will be able to spot issues the average warehouse manager or worker will not. 

Regular checks by an experienced commercial lift professional should be scheduled on a regular basis, as should general maintenance to ensure the longevity of your lift.


Lödige’s extensive commercial lift range

For those in need of safe and reliable commercial lift solutions for transporting goods and people, look no further than Lodige. We offer three types of commercial lift: the SERWA, the SHERPA, and the ESCORTA. 


Lödige Industries’ commercial lifts are engineered to meet the diverse demands of businesses, providing efficiency, safety, and convenience in one package. Whether it's the efficient SERWA, heavy-duty SHERPA, or the versatile ESCORTA, we have a solution to match your specific requirements.



Suitable for transporting goods with a nominal load of up to 999 kg, the SERWA lift is a reliable choice for goods transportation projects. Its robust construction and efficient design make it ideal for businesses with substantial cargo handling needs.



When your project demands the transportation of heavy goods, the SHERPA goods lift is the go-to solution. With a substantial nominal load capacity of up to 4,500 kg, the SHERPA lift can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. 

It is tailored for goods-only transportation, making it highly trusted in industries with substantial material handling requirements.



For projects that require the transportation of both goods and attendants, the ESCORTA goods lift is the perfect choice. It comes equipped with a cabin that provides the necessary space and safety features for passengers. This allows for the convenient movement of goods and people.


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