When Should I Use a Goods Lift?

These are some examples of the questions we often get asked by our clients;


“Should I use a lift in my facility?”  The simple answer is YES!

“Is it safer than my staff & customers carrying items up the stairs?”  YES!  They can load the lift and use the stairs without carrying anything, or use the Escorta range and travel with the goods.

“Is it safer than a pallet gate?”  YES!  The lift is fully enclosed so that there is no fall hazard, the landing doors also protect the shaft if the lift is not there!

“Is it quicker than using a forklift truck?”  YES!  Users don’t need to wait around for a driver to become available so won’t waste time or need 2 people to do a 1 person task.

“Can people use it without special qualifications?”  YES!  We give basic training and operator familiarisation when we hand the lift over.

“Can it be installed before our next bust period?” YES!  We have very short lead-times with some products held in stock for a 2 week delivery and installation is often within 3 days.

“Can you service it once it is up and running?” YES!  We have a full UK network of service engineers to help with routine maintenance & repairs.  We also include your 1st year of service free of charge.

“Can I afford it?”  YES!  They actually cost less than you would think and with all of the benefits, can you afford to be without it?


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