Why regularly servicing goods lifts is essential to reduce your carbon footprint

A growing number of businesses are looking to establish and promote their efforts in tackling their carbon footprint, with a recent study showing that as many as 78% of executives across Europe stated that they had an environmental sustainability policy in place.

Lödige ourselves is no exception. At our Scherfede site, 100% of our electricity consumption comes from renewable sources, via a hydroelectric power plant along the river Diemel which allows a continuous supply of regenerative energy to our business. In fact, the production site generates 40% more electricity than it is consuming, and so the additional energy is fed into the public grid, helping other people and businesses use renewable energy.

We wouldn’t expect all companies to have their own hydroelectric power plant on-site, but we are consistently seeing our clients try to reduce their carbon footprint, and one such way of doing this is by ensuring that their commercial lifts - whether we installed them or not - are running reliably and at optimal productivity.

So how does commercial lift servicing help reduce your carbon footprint?

You can ensure the longest possible lifespan for your commercial lift with regular servicing. No piece of business equipment lasts forever, whether that’s a laptop, a forklift, a commercial lift, or even a stapler.

However, ensuring that business equipment is kept in the best possible condition means that it will last longer, and increasing the amount of time you are able to use equipment for is a great way to reduce waste.

Scheduled servicing is more fuel-efficient than emergency repairs.

A planned service will give engineers time to spot anything that could potentially lead to a lift breaking down completely, as part of a planned route with multiple clients in the same geographic area. Without that service, the lift could just stop working unexpectedly, leading to an emergency visit from an engineer traveling to your area specifically for you, which is the same amount of fuel but for just one business.

Commercial lift servicing from sustainably minded experts

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring that your commercial lifts are operating reliably, get in touch with Lödige to discuss how regular servicing and maintenance can keep you up and running at all times, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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