Considering the last mile in building planning

Lorry lifts as an innovative solution for architects

AGV entering goods lift automatically.

Integrating Automated Goods Lifts with AGVs for Efficient Material Transport

Numerous benefits to modern logistics operations

1,000kg SHERPA Goods Lift

Successful Relocation of 1,000kg SHERPA Goods Lift for JTI

Lödige Industries Supports JTI in Optimising Workflow Efficiency

Car leaves TRAFFICO car lift.

Car Lifts in London and Rotterdam enable maximum parking spaces with advanced parking comfort

Apartment building in central London and elegant apartment building in Rotterdam benefit from TRAFFICO car lifts

London apartment buildings benefit from space-saving car lifts

Parking space or living space? No more compromises in UK building planning with space-saving car lift

More architectural freedom in building design

Lödige Goods Lifts enable multiple applications in the UK

Not only department stores, but also hotels, hospitals and many more can benefit from the use of an efficient goods lift.

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