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Automated Car Parking

Smart parking for UK Cities

Automated Car Parking is on the rise. Whether you need to park 4 cars or 2500, Lödige has the expertise and experience to design and implement the most suitable and beneficial system for your building. 

A traditional car park requires enough space for car doors to open and enough height for pedestrians. The only part of an automated parking garage that is accessible to pedestrians is the cabin in which they leave their vehicle. Ultimately this means that a lot of space is saved within the parking system itself. Up to and in excess of 60% more space becomes available for parking cars. With many car spaces being rentable in London – creating almost a two third more spaces is extremely cost efficient.

Traditional car parks can be accessed by members of the public easily whereas an automated car park or puzzle parking system has a secure booth for drop off and collection of vehicles. Strictly no pedestrians are allowed access so as well as building safety there is also a very low risk of your car becoming scratched or damaged from human error.


Puzzle parking systems and fully automated robotic parking systems are flexible, they can be installed in new or existing buildings. There are successful systems installed for residential developments, hotels, shopping centres, libraries and various other public buildings.

Benefits to Puzzle Parking and Automated Systems

A Lödige automated parking garage can assist in many factors

  • Space - Up to and in excess of 60% more space created for parking
  • Speed - Fast and efficient parking
  • Security – Improved personal security and safety
  • Inclusivity - no need to dedicate parking spaces for disabled or child, the booth is sufficient
  • Acoustic Performance – Acoustic impacts associated with the system are minimal
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions – cars switched off during transition and minimal lighting
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist safety – Pick up and drop off areas provide direct access to pedestrian pathways
  • Reuse of land – Can be installed within existing buildings
  • Reduction of night time light pollution – Minimal external lighting required
  • Site selection – Can be installed in existing sites so helps to avoid development of inappropriate sites
  • Waste – waste minimized as standardised units are constructed off site

Further Benefits

  • More cars can be parked in less space
  • Eco efficient
  • Quicker parking
  • Added security
  • High quality, German engineered products
  • Suitable for new or existing buildings
  • User-friendly

Puzzle parking system 5BY2

The automated car park system 5BY2 is particularly suitable as a car park system for residential and office buildings. The pallet-based technology can be retrofitted very easily and ensures flexible space utilisation.

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Robotic parking system CUBILE

The automated car park system CUBILE offers palletless parking technology for public buildings with a parking capacity of more than 50 cars. The highest possible throughput and particularly high availability are the huge advantages of this car park system.

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