Airport Logistics - systems for reliable cargo and baggage handling

Technology for High Throughput

Lödige have been putting air cargo handling systems in place since 1975. Thanks to decades of experience and our capacity for innovation, we are able to provide efficient and compelling logistics concepts. 

There is a vast range of products on offer such as;

  • Truck docks
  • Castor decks
  • Roller decks
  • Ball decks
  • Express loaders
  • Flexloaders
  • Slave pallets
  • Transfer vehicles (including an elevating transfer vehicle - ETV)

Our systems can be manual or fully automated.

Like our other products, our cargo and baggage handling range is fully bespoke to suit our Clients needs. Our team can help design a solution to increase your productivity and maximize all space.

Some of the largest air cargo projects in the World have been delivered by us. This includes the most complex UK cargo system. We continue to offer high quality solutions.

The success of airport logistics depends on the speed of the workflows and the reliability of the processes. The systems designed by Lödige for handling any amount of cargo and baggage at airports take cycle times to a new level. All of the involved products are of a very high quality and are exceptionally durable.

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We can improve your workflow

We combine proven technology, innovative processes and intelligent workflows to ensure success. This guarantees faster handling, better space utilization, and the highest level of availability. Incorporating your specific needs is very important to us. We work with you to develop solutions for systems and individual components.

We have more than 60 years of experience in this field. There are products and systems on offer which give maximum quality and reliability. Our experience combined with a high level of innovation links all logistical processes at the airport, ensuring a high throughput.

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