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Robotic car parking system CUBILE

Palletless technology

The palletless fully automated car parking system CUBILE is a perfect solution for creating from 50 to over 1000 parking spaces. As no pallets are used for transporting cars, the system is very fast and efficient.

Drivers park their car at ground level in one of the entrance cabins and receive a parking ticket. The cabin is the only interface between the driver and the car park. From this point everything is automatic. The cabin’s rolling gate closes and the car is transported below ground in a lift before it is collected by one of horizontal transfer vehicles and brought to a free parking space.

In the palletless parking system CUBILE, the Lödige Shifter does the heavy lifting. This is an ultra-flat robot that drives underneath the car and lifts it up at the wheels to take it from the lift to the transfer vehicle and transport it to the parking space.

In the summer 2015, Lödige Industries installed the largest fully automated car park system in Europe in Aarhus, Denmark. So far, over 1,000,000 cars have been parked in the system.

Advantages of the palletless system CUBILE

  • Recommended for public buildings
  • Perfect solution for optimised parking capacity in new buildings
  • For high numbers of cars - from 50 upwards
  • Shifter based technology
  • Maximised throughput
  • High availability rates

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