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Car Lift TRAFFICO for the CarLoft GmbH in Berlin

September 2007 | Berlin, Germany

Your personal car lift

The exclusive version of TRAFFICO allows parking your car directly in the apartment. In Berlin, Lödige in cooperation with CarLoft GmbH realized an exceptional residential complex, complying with highest comfort and safety demands.

The car lift brings both cars and passengers on the residential floor. There, the driver moves the car from the car elevator directly to the private terrace, where the car is parked.

A transponder transmits your eligibility and the destination floor. Without getting out of the vehicle, driver is transferred safely and comfortably in car directly to the desired loft. Visual and audible signals assist the driver when entering and exiting the spacious and lighted elevator car (2.80 mx 6.00 m).

The entire parking process with the car lift TRAFFICO takes less than 3 minutes.

Facts and figures

Berlin, Germany

Completion date:
Sept 2007

Resident car lift

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  • Safe and convenient parking at highest standards
  • No more dark underground parking and tedious search
  • No unnecessary emissions or noise pollution
  • Successful integration into existing buildings
  • Additional space provides possibility for more landscaping


Car lift | Carloft Berlin | Lödige Industries
Car lift | Carloft Berlin | Lödige Industries
Car lift | Carloft Berlin | Lödige Industries

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