Another Colour for the Catalogue

With 4 mezzanine levels in their warehouse, the end user needed an efficient and reliable way to move goods between levels. This customer has colour coded the warehouse so all safety features and stair casing is in the same yellow colour. They were delighted to find that the goods lift could be included in the colour theme. As Lödige goods lifts are all bespoke, the colour of the doors and even shaft can be tailored to suit themes. As well as the colour, cabin sizes, loads and travel can also be tailor made to fit project requirements.

The Lödige goods lift range is free standing meaning there is no requirement for a lift shaft to be built. Some of the many other benefits of the Lödige range is that there is also no need for a lift pit or machine room. The SHERPA goods lift is to be used for goods only whereas the ESCORTA lift can be used for goods with a trained attendant. Up to 8 floors can be served over a height of up to 18 meters with the free standing range. For larger loads and travels there is a hydraulic goods lift option that can travel up to 24 meters.

Lödige UK was first established in 1986 and have since installed more than 1300 lifts nationwide. There is a team of highly qualified UK based engineers who carry out all installations and maintenance contracts. All products are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

As well as goods movement, there is also a range of vehicle lifts, lorry lifts and automated car park solutions.

For more information on any of the products or for assistance with a project that you are working on, get in touch with the UK office. The team can assist with budget costs, specifications, drawings, design and tenders.

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