Can a Lorry Lift Reduce Traffic?

As more residential developments go up in London, the roads are getting busier.

If your building is on a main road or busy area, the daily deliveries and weekly bin collections will have a large impact on the surrounding traffic. In a bid to reduce congestion, many developers use lorry lifts to send the vehicles directly to the basement.

The main use for lorry lifts is basement access. By directing deliveries and bin collections to a building’s basement, the added disruption to daily traffic is removed. By offloading and loading straight into the building a lot of time is saved that would be wasted travelling up and down.

Lödige is the world leader for lorry lifts and has flag ship references across the world. There is a full range of scissor lifts and hydraulic lifts on offer for lorries, trucks and vans ranging from 7,500 kg to 100,000 kg loads. With a vast range of car sizes and door options available, each lift is bespoke and tailored to suit your requirements. The lifts are made from high quality components and are open protocol.

Lödige industries was first established in 1948 and is a family owned company headquartered in Warburg, Germany. All products are designed and manufactured in house by experienced staff members. The UK office opened 30 years ago and his since installed more than 1300 lifts across the nation.

For more information on lorry lifts and their benefits, contact the UK office.

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