Car dealer in central London saves space for showroom with TRAFFICO car lift

Blue sky thinking - Revolutionised parking thanks to space-saving alternatives

In order to make city centres more liveable and gain valuable space, more and more cities are removing conventional surface car parks from the streetscape and converting them. But where to put the required parking spaces? And do parking spaces always have to be realised by means of an underground car park? No. Thanks to space-saving parking solutions, the parking space needed above ground can also be generated in the smallest of spaces. Expensive and time-consuming construction measures for excavating underground garages can thus be a thing of the past.

The following projects in London, Rotterdam and Berlin illustrate where it can make sense to create the required parking spaces above ground and make them accessible by means of a TRAFFICO car lift. The hydraulically operated TRAFFICO car lift brings the car and passengers quickly and safely to the desired parking level. This classic car lift can be customised with a generous selection of options.

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Above-ground parking in central London saves valuable space  

London is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The following project in central London demonstrates the value of vertical car transportation.

Audi London West utilises a TRAFFICO car lift to transport cars between multiple levels of their showroom in the most space-saving way possible. By getting rid of a space consuming ramp to enter upper levels of the showroom, usable floor space war increased on each level.


Comfortable and secure parking spaces for apartment building in central Berlin

The Car Loft project in the centre of Berlin addresses all the challenges of parking in urban spaces presented at the beginning. The surrounding streets of this project did not offer enough parking spaces to serve all the residents of the building. In addition, the site's location at an intersection was associated with a difficult groundwater situation. The construction of a large underground car park was therefore not possible.

In 2007, two TRAFFICO car lifts were installed to provide exclusive parking boxes at the entrance level of each flat. Residents can conveniently access their parking boxes via the car lift, thus protecting their cars from possible damage. At the same time, the tree population could be preserved, as the resulting inner courtyard did not have to be sealed for the prescribed parking spaces.

The CarLoft concept offers the possibility of accommodating the required parking spaces from the underground garage on the upper floors of the new building. The TRAFFICO is particularly suitable for multi-storey buildings with many units. With a travel speed of up to 0.6m/s, up to 40 parking spaces can be served.

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Up:Town – optimal use of space for a luxurious residential building with above-ground parking

Up:Town is an elegant residential tower with 178 apartments and an above-ground car park on Wijnhaven island in the centre of Rotterdam. Traditionally a docklands area with warehouses and office, the Wijnhaven island has recently been completely transformed into an attractive residential area with luxury high-rise buildings.

For an optimal use of space two hydraulic car lifts are placed next to each other in a steel construction. Using the steel frame, the lifts sit slightly outside the building to create more space. A high-end lift cabin with generous dimensions makes driving into and out of the lift spacious and comfortable, even for bigger cars.

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Quick and easy - plan TRAFFICO in the online configurator

The TRAFFICO is not only a convenient and fast parking solution for users. With the online configurator, architects and planners can create their individual BIM model of the TRAFFICO car lift in just a few minutes and request the data for Revit, CAD etc.

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Car Loft project in central Berlin.
Car Loft project in central Berlin.
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