Car Lift Installations Rising

This hydraulic lift has an impressive 15 meter travel going underground, stopping at 3 floors to maximise parking spaces. With a traffic light entry system on each landing the lift is very user friendly. 

The contractor for this project needed to find a company that could design and build a lift to suit their bespoke requirements. Lödige’s extensive experience with bespoke products made them the best company to choose.

All Lödige products are designed in house and manufactured in the factory in Warburg, Germany. The vast range of vehicle lifts and goods lifts that are on offer cover all sorts of industries.

The demand for vehicle lifts in the UK has grown considerably over the last 5 years. With cities getting busier the most efficient solution to accommodate parking needs is to go underground. By using a car lift opposed to a ramp, contractors and architects are saving valuable space that is being used to create more parking spaces.

As well as car lifts Lödige Industries also offers automated car park systems. Lödige Industries designed and installed Europes largest fully automated carpark system in Aarhus, Denmark. The system has now parked over 720,000 cars and has close to 1,000 spaces. This is an extremely successful project which has changed the way many architects think about parking when working on projects. All cars are turned off so this is an environmentally friendly parking solution with no gas emissions. There is also increased security for cars and their owners.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager at Lödige in UK commented: “This is a very exciting time, things are changing. We welcome bespoke projects that challenge us, as a company we take pride in our achievements. 2018 is a great year for Lödige with multiple complex projects in motion.” 

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