Car Lift with No Pit in the Midlands

The client for this car storage project had restrictions on space so needed a solution to save as much floor area as possible. In comparison to an ordinary car lift there can be a saving of up to 5 square meters by using this product.

The Pegasos car lift by Lödige is an exciting product that stands out from its competitors. This particular lift has a small recess of 150mm and no machine room which are both huge benefits. With a car size of 2700 wide X 5500 deep this vehicle lift can move large vehicles with a weight of up to 3100kg at 0.15m/s. This specific lift has a travel of 6.5 meters, however the product can be made to travel 24 meters in total.

Some of the standout benefits of the Pegasos are;

  • No pit required
  • No machine room required
  • Space saving compared to other models
  • Easy to use
  • Garage appearance
  • Underground parking

Lödige Industries have been designing, manufacturing and installing lifts for 70 years across the globe. The UK office has been established for 30 years and has a team of highly qualified engineers based across the country to carry out installations and routine maintenance.

As well as the Pegasos, there are other vehicle lifts on offer from Lödige. Whether you need to move a smart car or a 10 tonne lorry, there will be a suitable solution. All products are designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg Germany. The bespoke nature of the lifts means that your product can be tailored made to suit client preference and design. Many prestigious residential developments opt to customize the internal cabin of a car lift and the doors to begin the feel of their building.

Lödige also specialise in goods movement and puzzle parking systems. Have a look at the website to see the range of products available.

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