Car lifts as the key to optimal car park development

Modern architecture and spatial planning place high demands on the optimal utilisation of spatial resources, especially the development of parking areas. Car lifts can provide decisive advantages here. The PEGASOS car lift from Lödige Industries makes a special contribution to the efficient utilisation of parking space in a wide variety of construction projects.


  1. Space-saving: At a time when parking space is at a premium, the intelligent design of your car lift enables efficient use of the available space. Thanks to compact shaft dimensions and a low shaft head, valuable space in multi-storey and underground car parks can be used effectively without any loss of space. This creates space for additional car parking spaces and opens up new possibilities for architectural creativity. (see floor plan and cross-section on the right)
  2. Versatile applications: Lödige Industries' innovative car lifts can be used in a wide range of buildings, be it a multi-storey car park for a shopping centre, an underground car park complex for an office, mixed-use or residential building or a parking garage for a hotel. The right lift solution adapts to individual requirements and can be used in a variety of ways.
  3. Simple installation and low operating costs: The installation of an efficient lift solution can be carried out quickly and easily, even in existing building structures. This not only helps to save time and money, but also enables lifts to be retrofitted in older buildings. Thanks to the low-cost electric chain drive and the avoidance of civil engineering costs due to the option of a ramp instead of a pit, the PEGASO car lift helps to keep operating costs low.
  4. Façade design: The external appearance of a building plays an important role in its architectural design. The choice of access door for a car lift can have a significant influence here. Various door variants, such as the sectional door in numerous design options, enable architects and planners to harmonise the appearance of the car lift with the overall design of a building.
  5. Convenient user experience: Another important aspect of lift design is the user experience. An intelligent solution enables parkers to reach their parking spaces comfortably in the lift. Modern access options and user-friendly operation ensure convenience. Fully automatic travel at two stops and generous door widths facilitate entry and exit. This not only contributes to user satisfaction, but also increases the efficiency of car park operations and the user-friendliness of the building.


The optimised use of car lifts plays a key role in modern architecture and space planning and not only enables efficient use of space, but also contributes to the overall aesthetic effect of a building. Architects and planners can benefit from these advantages and create stylish, functional car parks that meet the needs of their clients.


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PEGASOS car lift opens up underground car park in Berlin (Fasanenstr. 64) ©Monoprimus
The grey area shows the loss of space when using an access ramp
The grey area shows the loss of space when using an access ramp
From single-family homes to offices, hotels and multi-purpose buildings, car lifts enhance parking experiences and create space for more life.
The PEGASOS car lift offers convenient entry and exit in full cabin width.
People, bicycles and housekeeping can also use the PEGASOS car lift without barriers.
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