Car lifts for London development

The architect for this luxury apartment building wanted a secure and quick way for residents to access the basement car park. These hydraulic car lifts are the perfect solution with key fob access. They have been designed with traffic light controls in both cars and on the landings making them easy to use and reliable. The sales and project teams have worked closely with the contractor to tailor the lift to suit the customer’s requirements. As this product is bespoke, the controls and car finishes have been selected to compliment the building interior.  

The contractor running this project is a returning customer to Lödige who is extremely happy with the past car lifts and goods lifts that they have purchased. The high quality of the products means they last for many years. Projects like this in busy cities benefit greatly from using bespoke products as it allows them to maximise all available space. The Lödige car lift range is fully bespoke and can travel up to 24 meters carrying loads up to 10,000 kg. All products are manufactured with high quality components that are fully open protocol.

These particular hydraulic car lifts can move 42 cars per hour. With a 5000 kg load capacity these 2 stop lifts have a travel of 11 metres and move at 0.30 m/s

Using a vehicle lift rather than an access ramp saves valuable space that can be used to create additional car parking spaces. There is also increased security to properties and vehicles as it is harder to gain unpermitted access. The Lödige car lift range can travel up to 24 meters and can carry loads up to 10,000 kg. Bespoke car sizes are on offer up to 7 meters deep and 4 meters wide.  

Lödige also offers a 24/7 maintenance support service with short call out times across the UK. The highly qualified and experienced engineers can maintain and service all lift brands and cargo equipment.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager of Lödige UK commented; “When a customer returns because of the great quality of our products I feel immensely proud. We focus heavily on customer satisfaction and aim to put the end user’s needs first at all times. With parking becoming more of an issue in London and other major cities we are seeing an increasing demand for vehicle lifts.”

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