Car Lifts for Showrooms

A car lift makes moving the display vehicles around the showroom very easy. By installing a lift rather than building a ramp, a lot of space is saved which could then be used to display more cars.

There is a hydraulic car lift and a scissor lift on offer from Lödige. Up to 8 stops can be served which allows companies to display vehicles on the top floors of their showrooms, something that would be extremely difficult to achieve with just a ramp.

As these are bespoke car lifts, the product can be tailored to suit the customer’s specific requirements. The interior and controls can be customised to compliment the rest of the showroom which adds a further element of luxury. All components are of a high quality and are open protocol.

Everything is designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. With 70 years of experience, Lödige is the right company to assist with your car lift needs. There are multiple reference sites across the UK so get in touch with the office to find out more. 

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