Goods Lifts in London Supermarkets

This particular customer has chosen to deal with Lödige directly on this occasion rather than using a contractor due to having a great relationship. Having installed multiple lifts for the end user before, they are fully aware of the high quality and reliability of the product. Installing a goods lift in the back of the store has enabled the client to use a mezzanine floor to store additional goods which reduces delivery costs and ensures there is plenty of goods to hand. A goods lift is the safest and quickest way to move goods between floors. It is safer for the goods, and it is safer for personnel.

Thousands of pounds of profit are lost every year by supermarkets pricing down produce due to damaged packaging. By keeping goods safe during transit using a goods lift, the risk of waste is reduced hugely. Another safety factor to consider is harm to personnel. If an employee is to get hurt when carrying goods there is risk of absence and long term health repercussions.

These Escorta goods lifts are suitable for goods with an attendant which saves time by allowing trained staff to travel with the goods between floors. The lifts are free standing and there is no requirement for a control room, pit or separate shaft. All of these factors save both builders time and money. The standalone goods lift range can move up to 3,000 kg at a time and can travel up to 18 meters in height. The product is suitable for retail use, warehouses, factories, self storage units and distribution centers.

Lödige goods lifts can be installed in cooling environments and environments that have an explosion risk. The lifts can also be added to existing buildings or new developments.

With over 1300 lifts installed across the UK, Lödige has the experience and expertise to offer support and advice to customers. Often working closely with architects and contractors, the relationship with customers is very important.

As well as goods lifts, Lödige also specialise in hydraulic lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts and automated parking garages. All products are designed and manufactured in house by Lödige Industries in Warburg, Germany. Each stage of production is carefully monitored by an experienced employee and executed to perfection. Installations across the UK are carried out by Lödige engineers who are all highly qualified and have years of experience in the industry.

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