How reliable commercial lifts could help save Christmas

The news is flooded with scaremongering stories on potential shortages this Christmas, with everything from turkeys and pig in blankets to top toys making the list.

The fact is, the freight, logistics, retail, and e-commerce sectors are all facing challenges, with driver and staff shortages being top of the list. To help minimise the effect of these issues, companies affected are ensuring that they are operating at full capacity in all areas possible - there is no room for error.

Commercial lifts - saving time and staffing resources

Commercial lifts are an integral part of many of the larger high street retailers as well as warehouses used for e-commerce. Designed to carry heavy loads and withstand tough working conditions, commercial lifts can save time by moving larger loads easily and safely, taking much of the potential grunt work out of moving items between floors and often reducing the number of staff needed to do so.

These commercial lifts are only effective if they are reliably in full working order at all times, and fit for purpose i.e. designed to carry the items and weights needed. This is why Lӧdige has worked with so many high street retailers and e-commerce companies to both install new commercial lifts best designed to meet their needs and to service and maintain existing commercial lifts to ensure their reliability.

Lӧdige commercial lifts in retail

For a recent project in Telford with Lӧdige UK, our customer was moving into a new shop unit but the lift currently in place was not fit for the purpose that they wanted it for. This retailer only needed to move goods, but there were tight space restrictions due to the existing shaft.

This was an instance where our industry knowledge and experience enabled us to design a lift to fit perfectly. A SHERPA goods-only lift was used, with drop-down bars added to stop loose rails from knocking into the safety edge during transit. The lift now moves loads of up to 1000kg at a time and is able to travel 5.8 metres.

Find out more about commercial lifts for retail and e-commerce

We have clients that have been with us for years, using us multiple times for multiple locations as well as for maintenance and servicing. If you’d like to know more about how we could work with you to ensure your commercial lift is fit for purpose and fully operational at all times, get in touch with our team.

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