Large goods lifts for national distribution centre provides permanent solutions

Large goods lifts are a key component for distribution centres, but for national distribution centres where products need to go all around the UK, they are an even more essential part of a business in order to keep up with schedules and maintain deadlines. This is especially important where there are ongoing stock shortage concerns and personnel limitations.

At Lödige we’ve been working on a challenging project in Stoke where they had a number of existing issues they wanted to resolve in order to maintain a well-run distribution facility.

We have recently completed this installation of two large goods lifts for this national distribution centre, where we worked with the client to make the absolute best use of the space available on site and to work around existing site constraints to provide a permanent solution to their storage needs.

The lifts offer a unique solution to be able to move a full wagon load of goods to upper levels ready to be shipped out in the next step of their journey. This enables a seamless process that keeps the business moving at all time and maximises time.

At Lödige we are about to provide lifts that can carry up to 4500 kg and in any shape or size. As a result, we are often called to projects such as these where logistical limitations make our clients concerned that there is no solution to meet their needs. Our experienced experts have worked with distribution centres around the world in addition to across the UK, including one in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

To find out more about our bespoke goods lifts solutions for distribution centres, get in touch with our team. 

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