Lödige UK to Commission First Car Lifts of the Decade.

2020 is off to a promising start, two vehicle lifts in Central London are ready for commissioning after a smooth installation. The two lifts have 3 stops and can move 5,000 kg at a time. The developer specifically requested car lifts to ensure they were offering as many parking spaces as possible to their residents. By removing the need for ramps an incredible amount of space can be saved. Being able to offer apartments with secure parking in London is a great selling point for this end client.

London, particularly in the centre, is getting busier year on year. With more people working and living in the capital than ever before, space is at a premium. More architects and developers are looking into underground parking to maximise available space, whether that includes a car lift or an automated car parking system.

Lӧdige offers a range of vehicle lifts that can be tailored to suit individual project requirements. The versatile nature of the products means that a car lift can even be installed into a shaft without a lift pit or motor room. As the lifts are bespoke, the cabin sizes, deign, travel and load can all be tailor made. The design and manufacture of the products is done in the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany which has been functioning since 1965.

There is a team of highly qualified installation and maintenance engineers based across the UK who are experts with the Lӧdige product range.

Fore more information on vehicle lifts or any of the other Lӧdige product, get in touch with the UK office. Help and advice can be given with specifications, design, drawings, tenders, compliance and budget cost.

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