London Car Lifts

There is a broad range of car lifts being installed in London during the first half of 2019. Among the lifts being worked on at the moment, there is a car scissor lift being installed in a private house in North London which is replacing an old lift that no longer works. A hydraulic car lift in the centre of London is also going in that is creating 25% more spaces for a residential building. The most interesting of the current projects is a 3 stop hydraulic car lift for a mixed use development in central London with three entrances. As well as the standard through car, there is an additional side entrance for the middle floor where the cars can be retrieved with a metal fork. All of these projects had different issues with space restrictions and needed a solution. Lödige has the knowledge and expertise to advise on unusual projects.

The bespoke nature of the Lödige products means that unusual projects are welcomed. As the manufacturing process is carried out in house, experienced staff members monitor all stages of production, from design through to installation.

There are many benefits of using a car lift or vehicle lift for your residential projects, particularly in London.

  • Increased security
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Up to 40% more parking spaces
  • Fast and reliable movement
  • Element of luxury

If you use a ramp to access the basement for parking there is little security, members of the public could freely walk in to the basement. Many residential developments employ specific security personnel for parking. If a car lift was in use, only authorised people can gain access. To enter a car lift you need a fob key or to be allowed access by concierge. This would therefore be a financial saving as annual salaries for security personnel would not be necessary. The added security from the car lift will also result in a reduction to insurance costs for the building. An additional benefit of a vehicle lift over a ramp is the amount of space that can be saved without the added concrete ramp, particularly for multi-level car parking.

A car lift adds an element of luxury to any building. You can customise the internal of the car and doors. Lödige are able to offer any internal door colour requested by end clients, some high end developments have a colour theme which continues in the car lift.

As well as car lifts, Lödige also offer lorry lifts, goods lifts, automated car parking systems and airport solutions. With more than 70 years in the industry we have thousands of reference sites around the globe across 40 different countries.

We work closely with architects, end clients, contractors and consultants to assist with design, drawings, traffic calculations and specifications throughout all different project stages.

For information or to get advice on your project, get in touch with the office.

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