Moving out of London - underground parking needed for a generation moving out of the capital

Lödige is starting to see the effects of the general residential shift away from the country’s capital, as more and more people are moving to towns and cities around London instead of struggling to live within London.

Living in London is expensive and there are additional challenges such as parking, congestion charges, crowded facilities, and the cost of living. Surrounding towns, cities and suburbs are often more affordable and can offer a better quality of life, especially for families.

The transport links to London mean that getting to work in the city is still achievable within a good timeframe, but this approach to working in the capital but living outside it generates multiple needs for underground parking.

Residential underground parking.

Demand for smaller accommodation is often met with high-rise developments mixing residential properties with commercial facilities. This means space is at a premium, and in order to be able to offer quality parking, building designers are looking to use underground areas to provide places to park.

Underground parking near travel facilities

For those looking to travel into London using public transport, they’re often driving to train stations and then switching to travel by train. A significant amount of parking in the area is essential to reduce congestion and maximise space as well as ensure that people are still able to get to work.

Commercial lifts for underground parking

Specialist commercial car lifts ensure that you can fit the maximum number of cars in underground car parks by removing the need for space-consuming ramps. In Europe this is already a growing trend, with a car park in Germany having a hydraulic lift that travels 15 metres underground, stopping at 3 floors, with a traffic light entry system on each landing to provide a reassuring and user-friendly parking experience.

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