New Courier Warehouse Goods Lift

The end user for this project is a courier company, previously housed only in London who has expanded to the Midlands in a bid to extend coverage. With a varied range of goods to be transported, a goods lift was required to transport heavy parcels and packages between floors. There were restrictions which meant a lift pit was not possible. Lödige UK provided a free standing Sherpa goods only lift with a ramp as a solution. This goods lift can move up to 3,000kg at a time between floors which is a large amount for a free standing lift. With this model, there is no requirement for a motor room or for a shaft to be built so builder’s time and costs are saved. Where this particular lift is to move goods only, there is a free standing option to move goods with an attendant.

The main contractor for this project was a new customer to Lödige who has since placed another goods lift order due to the high quality of the product and smooth running of the project. There is a team of experienced engineers based across the UK who carry out the installations of new goods lifts as well as maintenance.

All Lödige goods lift products are manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg Germany. Over the last 70 years more than 50,000 projects have been completed worldwide by the Lödige Industries group. There are reference projects across the United Kingdom and Ireland for goods lifts, warehouse lifts, mezzanine lifts, factory lifts and goods lifts with an attendant.

As well as goods movement, Lödige is also an expert when it comes to vehicle lifts, lorry lifts and parking systems.

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