The First Fully Electric Van joins the Lödige Industries fleet

At Lödige we’re pleased to announce that in order to continue to reduce our carbon footprint in the UK, with the introduction of the first fully electric van to our fleet - we hope the first of many.

We wouldn’t normally make a big fuss about upgrading a fleet vehicle, but in this instance, our first fully electric van signifies more than just an increase in reliability when it comes to our commercial lift service and maintenance department. It’s a part of our wider commitment to reducing the impact that our business has on the world around us, and a step beyond our previous steps of rolling out hybrid vehicles some years ago.

It is set to be deployed around our busy Heathrow airport maintenance activities where the capacity exists to keep the vehicle ‘charged up’ at all times, and is expected to save 2,000 gallons of fossil fuel over the next 3 years. This is also a geographic area where air pollution is a pressing concern for those in the area, so we’re pleased to play our part in reducing it.

Lödige Industries - a sustainable approach

Our plans for electric vans is one of many green initiatives introduced by Lödige Industries. Working within the logistics and automotive industry drives us to make a difference where we can.

Other initiatives around the globe include the use of renewable energy such as solar and hydroelectric power, the use of bespoke lighting concepts to reduce power use and protecting the natural habitat for a selection of wildlife surrounding our premises.

We plan to continue looking for new ways to promote sustainable practices within the commercial lift and logistics industry, and lead the way in working towards achieving ‘net zero by 2050’.

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