The PEGASOS - Pitless Car Lifts Across the UK

This impressive product has a travel of 7 metres and can carry a load of 3 tonnes at a time. Like the majority of Lӧdige lifts, the PEGASOS is bespoke so the travel, cabin size and load are tailor made to suit the site and project requirements.

The customer wanted to install a car lift but had headroom restrictions and were unable to dig a pit in this existing building. The flexibility of the Pegasos meant that the client could fit a fully functional car lift in the available space despite the restrictions and challenges.

Some of the many benefits of the PEGASOS;

  • No machine room required
  • No lift pit required
  • Space saving
  • Gives direct access to basement or mezzanine floors
  • Up to 24 metre travel height
  • Bespoke cabin size
  • No shaft mounting parts required

There is a full range of car lifts on offer from Lӧdige to cover various loads and travel requirements. With more than 1300 projects completed in the UK and 50,000 + completed worldwide, there is an array of impressive reference sites covering multiple sectors. Whether you have interest in parking a Smart Car or a Phantom – there is a solution.

Being able to park at home, should not be viewed as a luxury. A car lift can assist with creating multiple underground parking spaces. Individual houses and larger apartment or mix use buildings can all save space by using a vehicle lift rather than a concrete amp when it comes to underground parking. The demand for vehicle lifts has increased over the last 3 years as cities are becoming busier and space is at a premium.

For more information on the products available or for help with budget costs, design, drawings, specifications an more; get in touch with the UK office.

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