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When planning parking garages, architects and planners are often faced with the challenge of fitting all parking spaces on one floor space. Especially in urban areas, floor space is often in short supply. Narrow, uncomfortable access roads, expensive construction measures and/or a reduction in usable space are often the result.

The PEGASOS car lift from Lödige Industries is a perfect solution for construction projects with limited space. The compact shaft geometry makes optimum use of the space available.

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Optimise garage access and create attractive living space despite rising rents

Due to the public transport connections, many residents and commuters in the Königstein region rely on their own cars. Those who are visitors to the region know the parking conditions: hilly, narrow streets lead to a low number of parking spaces.

The owner of the multi-apartment building was faced with the question: How can attractive living space and sufficient parking be designed despite rising land prices and a lack of parking spaces?

The PEGASOS car lift was built outside the building and looks like a single garage thanks to the narrow shaft geometry, the narrow shaft head and the roller shutter. In addition, installation was very simple, as the PEGASOS does not require a pit, thus reducing civil engineering costs. A machine room is also not required. The residents can easily reach the desired garage with the help of a radio remote control.

In addition, the building, which was completed in November 2014, is a high-efficiency house (Germany: KfW Efficiency House (55)). Thanks to reduced drive power and higher efficiency, the PEGASOS is significantly more energy-efficient than hydraulic car lifts and can therefore also be used in KfW-efficient houses, as here in Königstein.

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Car lift enables new car park for MIPIM award winner in Amsterdam

Parking around the building, located in the centre of Amsterdam, is scarce and expensive. As the Capital C building offers co-working spaces, it benefits from excellent public transport connections in the centre. Nevertheless, a way had to be found to offer parking for cars and bicycles. For this purpose, a new basement was built under the foundation of the building. This now offered the necessary space for parking, but the installation of an access ramp would have severely limited the number of spaces offered.

The PEGASOS car lift is the most space-saving car lift on the market today. It requires neither pit nor machine room and, thanks to its extremely narrow shaft geometry, offers an access solution even in very confined spaces.

Today, the building's tenants simply drive up to the lift, press their remote control and enter the lift for a quick trip to the garage - a fact that is very popular with the users of the co-working spaces in the building.

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Reliable PEGASOS car lift increases showroom capacity and improves return on investment

For the new car dealership, Jaguar & Landrover needed a space-saving, reliable and at the same time prestigious lift solution to overcome the building levels by car. By using a car lift, staff can easily move cars between floors in a minimum of space to change displays, take vehicles for test drives and, of course, deliver them to buyers.

With its choice of finishes, the PEGASOS easily adapts to the overall design of the showroom. At JLR Maastricht, the PEGASOS is available in a sleek look of aluminium, steel and metal that matches the modern, luxurious feel of the 'car boulevard'. With a load capacity of 2,700 kg, it can carry even the heaviest Land Rovers from floor to floor, making the ride a pleasure all its own.

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