Car Lifts with No Pit are Possible with Lödige

Lödige has over 70 years of experience with the design and manufacture of vehicle lifts. There is a range of car lifts and lorry lifts that can be adapted to suit project requirements. All products are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg Germany by highly qualified and experienced engineers.

The more unusual of the car lifts is the Pegasos. There is a maximum lifting height of 24 meters over 2-8 stops with bespoke cabin sizes. This lift is particularly suitable for projects that have limited space available as there is no need for a lift pit or motor room and smaller shaft sizes are required compared to conventional car lifts. There is a garage appearance and this traction lift is easy to use.

Lödige UK have been established for 30 years and have a team of engineers that carry out installations and maintenance across the country. As well as car lifts – there is also a range of goods lifts and car park systems.

For more information on any of the Lödige products, get in touch with the office.

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