Concierge Parking with the Pegasos

Lӧdige UK installed a Pegasos car lift in the midlands which is being used for concierge parking. Although this vehicle lift is commonly installed in private residential properties, this is a great way to utilise it. The client on this project, uses the Pegasus to park up to 30 cars a day. By using a lift to access underground space, a lot of space is saved compared to when a ramp is installed. This extra space is used for additional parking spaces or storage.

The Pegasos is a unique product that stands out from other car lifts. There is no requirement for a motor room or lift pit and space restrictions are not a problem. The lift is extremely reliable and high quality.

Some of the many benefits of the Pegasos car lift include:

  • No machine room required
  • No lift pit required
  • Space saving
  • Gives direct access to basement or mezzanine floors
  • Up to 24 metre travel height
  • Bespoke cabin size
  • No shaft mounting parts required

Like all Lӧdige products, the Pegasos car lift is designed and manufactured in house at the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. There are other car lifts available such as the Traffico and Carrico which are both extremely reliable and adaptable.

Lӧdige UK have been established in the UK and have more than 1300 lifts installed so far, there are many well-known reference sites across the country. As well as car lifts there is a range of goods lifts available as well as car parking systems, airport logistics and lorry lifts.

For information on the products available contact the UK office. The team can assist with budget costs, design, drawings, specifications, lift tenders and compliance.  

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