United Kingdom

E-commerce Goods Lifts in the Midlands

Lödige Industries UK have recently finished the installation of 3 new goods lifts for a retail warehouse in the midlands.


Lödige Industries opens new Service Site in the Netherlands

Lӧdige Industries now operates an Automated Parking Systems business from a new location in Amsterdam

Communication is Key

Projects with vehicle lifts need proper planning, there is no room for error.

United Kingdom

Lorry Lift Boom

Can lorry lifts help to create more leisure space in Cities?

Continuing through Covid

Lӧdige UK are working hard to ensure deadlines are still met, even with distancing restrictions in place.

United Arab Emirates

Giving Fragrance a Lift

Lödige Industries has equipped the new perfume production facility of Emper Perfumes and Cosmetics in Dubai with two of its Sherpa goods lifts with a…

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