Vehicle lift CARRICO®

Cost-efficient transport between floors

The vehicle lift CARRICO® is an interesting alternative to the TRAFFICO® when lower lifting heights and less frequent use are needed.

The CARRICO® has been type-tested in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The conveying speed is limited to 0.15 m/s. Furthermore, this car lift is delivered with automatic sliding doors and cabin equipment designed for the transport of vehicles and passengers.


Vehicle Lift Load capacity Cabin (B x D x H) Lifting height
CARRICO® C31 3,100 kg 2,700 x 5,500 x 2,100 mm ≤ 24 m
CARRICO® C34 3,400 kg 2,800 x 5,800 x 2,100 mm ≤ 24 m
CARRICO® C36 3,600 kg 2,800 x 6,200 x 2,100 mm ≤ 24 m

Functions of the components

Door type automatic sliding door (depending on the cabin width - 4- or 6-leaf)
Entrances front only / through
Control Control unit with micro-processor with extensive control functions
Drive Submersible hydraulic unit incl. screw spindle pump


  • Saves on construction space as no ramp required
  • Especially suitable for narrow shafts
  • Cost-effective way to transport cars
  • Easy to operate, manual hinged doors
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