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Garage car lift for limited space – PEGASOS

Specially designed for lifting cars

The PEGASOS garage car lift is a perfect solution for construction projects with limited space. It was specifically designed for lifting and lowering of cars and is based on a sophisticated design and a series of convenient features.

It has the appearance of a garage and is the ideal alternative to a conventional ramp. The car lift brings vehicle and occupant automatically to the garage or parking deck.

The PEGASOS can be mounted directly on the floor and therefore requires no pit. The platform can be equipped with a comfortable cabin or just a simple railing. Due to its compact design and the elimination of the machine room, it is easy to plan.

The lifting function is realized by using a very silent and efficient electric motor. The transport of persons in the car is available upon request.



  • Garage entrance optic
  • Saving in shell construction: requires only a 150 mm ramp; alternatively can be integrated into a pit
  • Comfortable use: during the trip the persons are allowed to remain comfortably seated in the car
  • Small shaft dimensions
  • Low headroom: fitting in with standard floor heights possible
  • Short assembly time: optimised installation process thanks to preassembled components
  • Easy installation into existing buildings: only minimum space required during installation
  • Space-saving: no machine room required

Create parking space with PEGASOS car lift 

PEGASOS car lift requires no pit

Technical Data PEGASOS

Lifting height max. 24 m
Nominal speed 0.15 m/s
Pit depth 150 mm
Nominal load 2,700 - 3,100 kg
Cabin width 2,500 - 3,000 mm
Cabin depth 5,500 - 6,000 mm
Cabin height 2,100 mm
Stops 2 - 4
Accesses 2 - 8 (one above the other or opposite)
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Landing head height min. 2,550 mm -
depending on landing doors
Shaft width Cabin width + min. 400 mm
Shaft depth Cabin depth + 60 mm
Axle load max. 1,700 kg -
forklift operation prohibited
Control Push button control
Drive Electric with chain, 8 kW
Operating modes Fully automatic travel (2 stops)
Automatic travel (from 3 stops)
Directives Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
DIN EN 81-41:2011
Passenger ride Car with passengers allowed

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Plan your individual BIM model and download it in the right format for AutoCAD, REVIT, etc.

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Possible applications of PEGASOS:

Single-family detached home

With the PEGASOS, cars can be parked in the basement without building a long drive-in ramps. Through the roll-up door the car lift resembles a garage entrance. It is a perfect solution to create more parking space in a single-family detached home.

Multi-family buildings, office buildings, hotels

With the PEGASOS you can create additional parking space in multi-family houses, office buildings and hotels. It is particularly suitable for the development of up to 20 parking spaces in basements. Due to the low depth of the pit and the absence of the machine room, this car lift is easy to plan and saves space.

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