Car Lifts by Lödige

Lödige are known Worldwide as the leading company for projects with car lifts. We have completed many successful projects over the years. Therefore we have become the number one supplier for car lifts with consultants, architects, clients and contractors.

With the increasing demand for parking in the UK with such little space available, a solution is needed. Our vehicle lift range is the perfect way to make the most of your basement space without making room for access ramps. We offer two types of car lifts, hydraulic scissor lifts or hydraulic car lifts. Both of which are available from 3000kg up 10,000kg loads with a travel distance of up to 24 meters. Car and door sizes can be adjusted to suit your needs and we have various options for control buttons and switches. 

We have installed car lifts in many car showrooms, residential properties and car facilities across the UK. As a result we have some impressive reference sites in London.

All of our vehicle lifts are designed to last with high quality open protocol components. Everything is manufactured at our head office in Warburg, Germany. All of our products are fully bespoke to suit client and site requirements. 

There are many excellent reference sites Worldwide. Our car lifts offer many features and benefits including:-

  1. In house design & manufacture.
  2. Bespoke car sizes to suit client requirements.
  3. Bespoke door configurations & sizes
  4. Bespoke loads from 5000kg to 10,000kg.
  5. Custom interior designs & specialist doors available.
  6. Glass options for doors and lift car.
  7. Reduced pit options for existing sites.
  8. Reduced headroom options for existing sites.
  9. High quality proven technology.
  10. Named high quality parts & components.
  11. Compliant with Machinery Directive and EN81 regulations.

If you think a car lift would be a good solution for your building then please contact us for further information. At Lödige we can design a car lift to suit your site, usage and budget.

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